Original Skunk Fem.

Original Skunk Fem.

Original Skunk Fem.


Easy to grow, and a great harvest even by modern standards. The Original-Skunk has all the attributes the 21st-century cannabis cultivator is looking for.
Skunk was the first cannabis strain to conquer the modern World. The indoor cultivation revolution and the genesis of the skunk family in the 1980’s are no coincidence.
Before Skunk came on the scene, weed was virtually always seeded, and buds looked a whole lot less desirable. An Indica-Sativa hybrid that retained the cerebral effect and could produce generous yields of dense buds in 8 weeks of bloom simply did not exist prior to the Skunk. Euphoria and Buddha-seeds are official partners so visit the shop for more info, free seeds and goodies!


Everything you need to know about Original Skunk Fem.!

Growers Info
Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
Gender: Feminized
Genetics: Sativa
Flowering time indoor: 65 – 70 days
Harvest month outdoors: Second half of October
Production m²: 400 – 550 g
Outside production per plant: 500 – 1500 g
Taste: It always maintains the same Skunk background, it has an incredible aromatic variation that goes from fruity citrus to sour aromas
Effect: Brain energy that will promote creativity, good social vibes and vitality

Skunk is one of the most recognized hybrids by growers. This commercial fame has been earned, in part, by its correct nomenclature since Skunk specimens exude a very characteristic sweet aroma.

The Skunk story has enough material for a television series. One of the protagonists of the creation of this classic is the breeder Sam ‘The Skunkman’, who, with a group of partners, wrote the first lines of the legend.

The situation in the United States was delicate, as constant political pressure against drugs was common. Therefore, Skunk had to make the leap to the European continent, in search of an opportunity. And he did not lack time to find it, since it was transferred to a prestigious Dutch seed bank.

We have not hesitated to include this variety in the collection of classics with our own touch, paying tribute with Buddha Skunk. Our team has managed to maximise the most attractive aspects that growers of this genetics like so much.

The characteristics of Original Skunk are summarized in: it is a predominantly sativa hybrid, with stable uniformity, strong, powerful and productive. The flowering time is short, especially considering the result of the final harvest. It is advisable to eliminate odors in indoor crops with anti-odor filters, since their presence is notorious.

Sativa genetics are evident in every Buddha Skunk individual. It stands out for its beautiful aspect, formed by prominent calyxes and abundant pistils that make up voluminous buds. The effect is of a true sativa: pure cerebral energy that will facilitate creativity, good social vibes and personal vitality.

Its flavor is indiscribable. We could say that it is the flavor of marijuana par excellence! Although it always maintains the same Skunk background, it has an incredible aromatic variation that ranges from fruity citrus to sours aromas.