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Original Diesel Auto

Autoflowering Diesel is suitable for anyone; it does not require much care, and is addressed to those who have less knowledge about the cultivation of the plant. In addition, it adapts well to adverse weather situations. In summary, the parents of this classic by Buddha Seeds make it a really attractive plant, with productive results, especially in mother earth crops, with aromas and flavors attractive to the most demanding consumer. ¡A delight that cannot be missing in your garden!

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Growers Info:
Environment: indoor / outdoor
Gender: feminized
Genetics: Sativa
Cultivation time: (growth + flowering) 75 days
Productie m²: 350 – 500 g
Buitenproductie per plant: 70 – 130 g
Smaak: variatie in fenotypes met veel nuances in smaken. Een vleug van citrus zoals citroen of grapefruit, met aardse accenten
Effect: psychoactief, creatief en sociaal

MORE INFO An essential modern classic that set a benchmark in the flavors of cannabis. The mystery surrounding Diesel’s origins remains unsolved among the most experienced growers, fulfilling the charm of a fascinating story. However, all the stories converge on the same person: Chemdog, author of this classic. We have to go back to the 90s in the USA to locate the origin of this globalized variety. Chemdog bought some cannabis flowers, at a Grateful Dead concert, in which he found a few seeds that eventually became the origin of what is now Diesel. Over the years, it has become a standard variety among growers, and there are already countless cups won in competitions all around the world. Therefore we have not hesitated to include it in our catalog of classics. Of course, always with the care that differentiates us, with the Buddha Seeds quality seal. As a result of our breeding program, with Buddha Autoflowering Diesel Seeds we have increased and stabilized production to unsuspected limits in a variety that lacked it. At the same time we wanted, and we managed, to keep the phenotype variation with lots of nuances in the flavors that defines it and for which it has been used in thousands of development programs. Even with a common background that characterizes it, we have allowed to produce phenotypes from citrus lemon or grapefruit type, even earthy touches. Buddha Autoflowering Diesel maintains that mantle of resin that characterizes it and makes it perfect for extractions.

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