Buddha White Dwarf

Buddha White Dwarf

Buddha White Dwarf


White Dwarf blooms within 2 months from sowing, regardless of the photoperiod. This makes it ideal for earlier harvests.
Also its short stature makes White Dwarf a discreet plant that allows a cultivation under the protection of the curious. In addition, its resistance, easy cultivation and its short life cycle, reduce to the maximum the possibility of problems in cultivation, making this variety a safe bet for amateur growers.
Harvest in just 65 days from germination. A wonder of nature.

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Everything you need to know about Buddha White Dwarf!

Environment:     Indoor

Gender:                Feminized

Genetics:             Hybrid with Indica predominance

Cultivation time (growth + flowering):   65 días

Production m²:  410 – 450 gr

Outside production per plant:    60 – 70 gr

Taste:     Traces of wood and elder.

Effect:    Relaxing

More info:

White Dwarf is an auto flowering variety with a pervasive scent and a sweet flavour. This is derived from the crossing of two powerful indicas.

White Dwarf is ready to harvest two months after sewing, regardless of photoperiod.

This trait makes it perfect for early crops. Plus, it’s small discreet size makes it easy to hide away from prying eyes.

It’s natural resistance and short cycle reduces the chances of having problems during its growth. This variety it is a safe bet for beginners. Harvest in 65 days.