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Wild dagga

Wild dagga


(Leonotis leonurus)
The leaves of Leonotis leonurus (also known as Wild Dagga) were used by the Hottentot tribe of southern Africa because of its calming, sedative and euphoric effects. It grows mainly in southern and eastern Africa, where it is often used as a substitute for Cannabis.

Contains: 5 grams


Leonotis leonurus is also known as wild dagga (‘wild cannabis’) and lion’s tail. Wild dagga flowers and leaves were smoked by the Hottentot tribe of southern Africa because of its euphoric effect. It grows mainly in southern and eastern Africa. The main active alkaloid is leonurine.
In traditional African medicine Leonotis leonurus was widely used in many different treatments. It’s also used in case of a snake bite and as a charm to keep snakes away.Wild dagga Effects
Calming, sedating and slightly euphoric.The effects are comparable to a cannabis high, only lighter.
Preparing Leonotis Leonurus flowers
Use as tea.
legal status
As far as we know, Wild Dagga is currently completely legal worldwide, since it is not actually directly related to cannabis plants. Note that the legal status may have changed in your country since the time of writing.
One should use wild dagga with caution. It has shown to be habit forming similar to tobacco.

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