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Salvia extract 10x

Salvia extract 10x

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This standardized Salvia divinorum extract is ten times more concentrated than the dried leaves. The effects of an extract are much shorter in duration, about ten minutes rather than two hours, but also way stronger.

Contains: 05. gram or 1 gram

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After ingestion the effects will be noticeable within mere seconds. This instant change of awareness may feel like an out-of-body experience or transportation to a bizarre alien world. One may also have a sense of merging with objects like the couch one is sitting on.
Our Salvia is imported from Oaxaca, Mexico. Extracts come in a reclosable plastic tube.

For more info about Salvia in general, usage and warnings, take a look at the Salvia Leaves at our site.

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0.5 gram, 1 gram

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