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Rapé Apurinã Green

This nicotine-free rapé variety contains a blend with no tobacco plant. Provides an opening sensation but has milder effects than the nicotine-containing variants. Ideal for beginners.



Rapé (Ha-pay) for ceremonial use

What is rapé?
Rapé is always made from tobacco leaves that are dried and ground. The plant, Nicotiana Rustica, naturally contains high levels of nicotine, up to 20x stronger than Nicotiana Tabacum. Due to the stimulating effect of nicotine, Rapé will give an uplifting high. In addition, the different types of rapé contain several other herbs and plants from the rainforest to enhance their effects. Rapé has been used for decades by the indigenous tribes of South America who each grow their own varieties and consider the plant sacred. Different species are used for different purposes but the goal is always to get closer to nature. Rapé is administered with a special pipe (kuripe or tepi) to another person or to yourself to enrich a psychedelic experience.

How do you use rapé?
Many people think rapé would be addictive because of the nicotine but because it is not processed with chemicals, like the additives in cigarettes, this is unfounded. Using Rape as a snuff is less stressful to the body than smoking the leaves. When the tobacco plants are harvested, the leaves are cut into pieces. The leaves are dried over a campfire and then ground into powder. This powder can be blown into the nose through the kuripe/tepi. It is important to (have) the powder blown into both nostrils, this ensures that the energy flows are balanced. Choosing self-application gives more control over the experience but it can be difficult to do the 2nd nostril because of the intensity of the experience. Having someone else apply it can then be a good option!

What is the effect of Rapé?
The effect of rapé is described differently by everyone. In this regard, the set and setting is often decisive. What we hear back a lot is that it produces an intense high that is liberating during a trip and that it is easier to release negative energy. Depending on the type of rapé, it can also be grounding and calming. The high concentration of nicotine in the mixture causes a stimulating effect and releases hormones such as adrenaline, acetylcholine and dopamine. This leads to increased clarity and increased awareness. If you are using rapé for the first time, a pea-sized amount is sufficient; depending on the first experience, you may choose to use more.

Important information
Unfortunately, using rapé can also cause some side effects. It is important to be well informed about this so you “know what is involved” and what to expect. Because the powder is blown into the nose, you get a runny nose after application. This ensures a cleansed nose. It is important to stay well forward so that the mucus and powder do not run down the throat. Nausea also accompanies the use of a (higher) dose of rapé. The mind wants to cleanse the body and vomiting is 1 of the means for that. So there is no need to be worried about this, just well prepared. Like coffee and a cigarette, rapé can have a stimulating effect on the bowels, make sure there is a toilet nearby!

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