Futurola joint roller

Futurola joint roller Futurola joint roller1

Futurola joint roller


The futurola is handy for those who can`t roll a decent joint but also usefull for places where rolling a good joint is difficult for example: on the beach, on a festival. The best among the joint rollers in quality and usefulness.

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Everything you need to know about Futurola joint roller!

Rolling a joint has never been so easy.
* Simply fill the roller with all the right ingredients.
* Rotate the roller, rotate the paper in.
* Lick the glue-edge and rotate it to finish the joint.

The Futurola is suitable for all types of large rolling paper, such as Smoking, Raw, or Greengo rolling paper. The joints made ​​with Futurola are about 11 cm long.
You can get these joint rollers in different colors. The Futurola comes with instructions.

Tips from the users:
– Rolling is very stiff in the beginning. It is therefore handy to help the backside the roll turn somewhat. When you use the roller more often, the rollers go smoother.
– Choose the right amount of marijuana/tobacco/herbs. I noticed that this is very important when it concerns the level of tightness and when rolling it up.
– Spread out the contents well, as for the same reason mentioned above.
– Only use the rolling paper of the front roller during rolling. This is to prevent the rolling paper is loosely closed.
– You should take care of a few things during rolling; spread out the tobacco or mix well and do not put too much. Also, you should put your rolling paper neatly and straight up, for the best result.