Amnesia Lemon

Amnesia Lemon

Amnesia Lemon


Amnesia Lemon grows medium high, and delivers a long and verry strong stoned effect. A rich Amnesia Haze aroma mingles with a decicious lemon skunk after shock.


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1 seed, 3 seeds

Everything you need to know about Amnesia Lemon!

Amnesia Haze X Lemon Skunk.
Unmistakable Amnesia Haze flavor combined with the power and resilience of Lemon Skunk. The uplifting and cerebral high is definitely sativa, but amazingly, the Amnesia Lemon has a flowering cycle of just 9 to 10 weeks.

Gender: Amnesia Lemon seeds are feminized seeds that only produce female plants.
Type: Amnesia Lemon is suitable for growing: Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse.
Genetics: Amnesia Lemon contains the following genes: Sativa 60% Indica 40%.
High: Amnesia Lemon gives a ’Clear high’ effect.
Flowering: Amnesia Lemon flowers for about 60 – 70 days.
Height: Amnesia Lemon grows into about 100 – 120 cm plants.
Yield: The yield of Amnesia Lemon is about 400 – 500 grams per m2.
Prizes: Amnesia Lemon won the Second prize and First prize at the cannabis cup.
Climate: Amnesia Lemon is suitable for the following climates: Temperate and Cool.