Buddha Deimos

Buddha Deimos Buddha Deimos1

Buddha Deimos


De kracht van Deimos doet meer dan één verbleken, het is een verwoestende plant, de smaak is klassiek zoet en doordringend, een ideale plant voor ontspanning, introspectie, naar de film gaan, medicinaal gebruik of gewoon chillen met je maat.



Alles wat je moet weten over Buddha Deimos!

Environment:     Indoor/Outdoor

Gender:                Feminized

Genetics:             Hybrid with Indica predominance

Cultivation time (growth + flowering):   75 días

Production m²:  450 – 525 gr

Outside production per plant:    80 – 100 gr

Taste:     Spicy nuances with fruity touches

Effect:    Relaxing with comfortable physical effect

More info:      Deimos is a hybrid which origins are mostly indica (Northern Lights), a work of selection of 7 generations in order to obtain the features of a Classic in an auto flowering plant.

Deimos is big sized plant, with good growht in width and high. The selection of the more branched specimens has prevailed; long lateral branches which yield buds as big as that of the central branch.

This way productivity increases but the plant remains discreet in size, between 70 and 80cm. Due to its nature Daimos becomes the perfect autoflowering plant for outdoor and Indoor.

The power of Deimos turns more than one pale, it’s a devastating plant, its taste is classic sweet and tangy, a perfect plant to relax, introspection, go to the movies, medicinal use, or just to knock down that friend, who’s an “expert “on the issue.