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Tri Pack

Tri Pack


Products for growth, blooming and rooting respectively.



Tri Pack Top Crop: Products for growth, blooming and rooting respectively. With this basic pack, the Spanish line of fertilizers offers to users a global solution to test the brand or take on custom crops without having to purchase more product. The pack is composed by:


Top Bloom 250 ml:  It is formulated with humic acids of high natural organic activity. Its high content of phosphorus and potassium stimulates the start of flowering and the development of large and compact flower clusters.

Top Veg 250 ml: It is a complete liquid fertilizer rich in humic, fulvic acids and water soluble macro and micronutrients. It promotes growth, strengthens defenses against diseases and stress, regulates the pH balance of soil and increases the chlorophyll content, improving the photosynthetic efficiency of plants.

Deeper Underground 100 ml: It is a fertilizer developed to stimulate growth and root system development, increasing significantly the number of root hairs.

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