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(Cola nitida)
Kola nut (or Cola nut) has a stimulating effect, reduces appetite and improves endurance.

Contains: 50 grams


Kola nut (or Cola nut) is the seed of a 20 feet high tree that grows in Africa, Jamaica and Brazil. Kola nut was the main ingredient in Coca-Cola after cocaine became illegal. Whether or not it is still an ingredient in Coca-Cola is a secret, but it can be found in Pepsi cola.In Jamaica and Colombia Kola nut is consumed as a sexual stimulant similar to cocaine.
Kola nut is a strong stimulant. Like coffee, Kola nut is stimulating and non-soporific (it keeps you awake). The psychoactive effect however is stronger and different. The power of endurance increases, while it dispels hunger. It also increases concentration, clears the brain, works as a light aphrodisiac and it can raise a ‘high’. It boosts your normal capabilities at – for instance – work, sports, dance and sex.

Usage: One teaspoon mixed with coffee, tea or hot chocolate gives you a little more spirit. You might want to add some honey, because it tastes quite calcareous. For a real energy kick use 2 teaspoons. With higher doses you won’t be able to sit still. 2-6 grams is the officially recommended dosage.

Warning: The side-effects are similar to those of coffee; restlessness and sleeplessness. Taking Kola nut late in the evening might result in not being able to sleep.
Long and intensive usage might lead to addiction, sleeplessness, nervousness or increased blood pressure.

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