Yellow Hula Kapuas Kratom

Yellow Hula Kapuas Kratom

Yellow Hula Kapuas Kratom

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Hulu Kapuas is known for its slightly stimulating and alertness-enhancing properties. Ideal as a replacement for a cup of coffee!


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50 gram, 25 gram

Everything you need to know about Yellow Hula Kapuas Kratom!

This yellow kratom is known for its analgesic and mild stimulant properties. The Hulu Kapuas kratom comes from Malaysia and can be found along the coast of the Kapuas River. In a lower dose, Hulu Kapuas is a delicious substitute for a cup of coffee. This will give the user enough energy to get through the day. The special thing about this strain is that it also provides relaxation in addition to the light stimulating effects. The best of both worlds!

– Slightly stimulating
– Analgesic
– Relaxing
– Alertness
– Euphoria

The effects of the Yellow Hulu Kapuas are very diverse and mainly depends on the dosage. Up to 3 grams, the user will feel a slightly stimulating and energizing effect, in combination with an increased alertness. If the user takes 3-5 grams, euphoria will be experienced. Anything above 5 grams gives the user a more calming and relaxing effect. We advise beginners not to take more than 3 grams.

Kratom can have a strong narcotic effect and affect reaction time, so do not drive motorized vehicles under the influence of Kratom and do not participate in traffic. Kratom is a harmless plant when used properly, but tolerance and dependence can develop with regular use. If you find that you need more and more Kratom, and have to take more and more to achieve the same effect, it is better to take a break from your use.

Kratom suppresses digestion, causing many to experience dry mouth, decreased appetite and constipation. With prolonged use, weight loss and insomnia can occur.

Although there is almost no information about the effects of Kratom on the development of a child, we strongly advise against use during pregnancy or while breast-feeding. Also, do not combine Kratom with MAO inhibitors.