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Mazatapec Growbox

Mazatapec Growbox


a classic cubensis strain!

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The Mazatapec is said to have been discovered in Mexico and named after the place where they were discovered, but this story has never been confirmed. This is a classic cubensis strain, which strangely enough was never really popular despite being relatively easy to grow. The medium size mushrooms often remain closed, they look like the archetype of the magic mushroom. The origin of this strain is still shrouded in mysteries, but nowadays it is available in discrete stealth packs, so that anyone can grow this exceptional Mexican strain at home.


Take 5 to 12,5 grams for a mild to strong trip.


One set contains the following parts: a box of 100% mycelium colonised substrate, a plastic bag fitted with an air filter, two paperclips and a manual.

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400 gram, 800 gram

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