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(Acorus calamus)
The roots of Sweet Flag have stimulating, euphoric, aphrodisiac and mildly hallucinogenic effects.

Contains: 80 grams of powder


Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus) belongs to the arum family. The plant looks like reed, it is common throughout North America, Europe and Asia, where it grows on riverbanks and in swamps. After the harvest the roots are dried. It has been used as a flavouring of liquors and for many other (healing) purposes.
Calamus is considered a stimulant and rejuvenating tonic. It’s been used to enhance memory and increase sexual potency.
The most important effect of the herb is that it is stimulating, uplifting, and has a positive effect on the libido.
A small dose has a euphoric effect, higher dosages may cause a mildly hallucinogenic effect.
Chewing sweet flag has a refreshing effect on your breath. When you make tea of it, use 2 to 5 teaspoons, depending on the desired effect.
For a mildly euphoric, stimulating effect, use 1 or 2 teaspoons.
For a stimulating effect soak 20 grams (approx. 1 oz) calamus in half a litre water and boil it for a while. Sift it and drink a few cups. On an empty stomach it has a stronger effect. For a strong consciousness expanding effect you can raise the dosage.
The powder can be mixed with a glass of juice. One teaspoon should be enough

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