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Hawaii+ (10)

Hawaii+ (10)

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Both in speed and quantity the Hawaii+ is unparalleled!

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Hawaii+ is a cross between the B+ and Hawaii and is perhaps the most productive mushroom species to date. The maroon-brown, slightly frayed hats grow faster and more numerous than other species. This key to other worlds will not disappoint, both in speed and quantity the Hawaii+ is unparalleled. When they are fully grown, they are often so close together that they easily take up twice as much space as the kit. This special strain is now also available as a stealth pack, so that everyone can grow them discreetly at home.


Take 5 to 12,5 grams for a mild to strong trip.


One set contains the following parts: a box of 100% mycelium colonised substrate, a plastic bag fitted with an air filter, two paperclips and a manual.

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