Microdose Truffles 10x1,5 gram

Microdose Truffles 10x1,5 gram Microdose Truffles 10x1,5 gram1

Microdose Truffles 10×1,5 gram


Do you want to enter into the microdose adventure legally, safely and without a hassle? 1 gram  magic truffles contains exactly the recommended amount (1-2 mg) psylocibin for microdosing.


Everything you need to know about Microdose Truffles 10x1,5 gram!

The name R. Gordon Wasson and Valentina Pawlowna might ring a bell with you. They were the westerners who rediscovered the use of the psilocybe mushroom in South America (50’s) and participated in a ceremony (Velada). After research it soon became clear that these magic mushrooms did not only grow in the Amazon area, but also with the help of a grow kit, just at home!
There appeared to be a number of mushrooms in which sclerotia formed underground.
Especially the Psilocybe cubensis (cultivated on manure) and the Psilocybe mexicana (cultivated on compost) lent themselves well for this.
Sclerotia, or truffles, are small underground ‘tubers’ of dense mass, which also contain the psychoactive substance psilocybin (and minute amounts of psilocyne). They contribute to the survival of the species during unfavourable living conditions (e.g. forest fires). As soon as it is possible, the sclerotia ensures that the mycelium can make its way and new mushrooms can emerge.

Do you want to start microdosing? What you should keep in mind is that a product from Mother Nature can vary a lot. A small mushroom can contain a much higher concentration of psychoactive substances than a specimen that weighs a lot more.
To make sure you get the same amount each time, you will have to dry your mushrooms (this is illegal in the Netherlands), grind them into powder and pack them in capsules.
Fortunately, research has shown that sclerotia contains very constant concentrations of psilocybin. 1 gram of fresh truffles is 1 to 2 mg of psilocybin, exactly the dose that the pharmaceutical-chemical company Sandoz took when it made tablets for scientific research.

If you want to start microdosing legally and safely, using magic truffles is by far the best method. No hassle with fluctuating amounts of active ingredients, very easy to use and preserved in the fridge for a long time without losing their quality .
We went in search of the sclerotia that is most stable and suitable for microdosing of all kinds. This way you will always get exactly the right amount of microdosage and you can start your ‘normal’ day perfectly!
Of course you don’t want to be on the train on your way to work and realize that you see some visuals. With 1 gram of fresh sclerotia this is excluded. At the right dosage, the positive characteristics can be noticed very quickly.

Attention: Especially with extra sensitivity it is recommended to start with 0.5 grams of FreshUp Microdosing Truffles on a day without obligations. See how you react to this and increase if necessary the dose to the recommended 1 gram at the next microdose day.

In the morning on a empty stomach. Chew for as long as possible. Do not eat preferably for up to 1 hour afterwards.

IngredientsMagic TrufflesProperties
Positive influence on competitiveness. Being in the Here and Now. Work/Study improves. Problem solving thinking runs smoother. More energy. Better sleep. Sharpened senses. Improvement in mood, less mood swings. Breaking addiction patterns. Decrease in depressive feelings. Feeling of connectedness. Feeling love for yourself and others. Making more conscious choices, a.o. about health, lifestyle, etc.Greater sense of gratitude for life

Important Information:
The fresh sclerotia are a consumer good in the sense of the Dutch Commodities Act.The product is fresh and unprocessed and may not be processed according to the law.Use is entirely at your own risk. In case of doubt, always consult a doctor or specialist. In case of mental health problems, use is strongly discouraged!Never at the same time consume alcohol and/or other substances, such as MAO-inhibitors and/or anti-depressants!Keep out of reach of children! No sales allowed to persons under 18 years!Check if magic truffles are legal in your country, before considering taking this product across the border!Content: Fresh and unprocessed Sclerotia.Net weight ℮: see weight indication. Shelf Life: Best Before (if kept cool at 3 °C – 4 °C): see back of the packaging.