Organic Chaga capsules (60pc)

Organic Chaga capsules (60pc) Organic Chaga capsules (60pc)1

Organic Chaga capsules (60pc)


✔ Improving vitality
✔ Boosting the immune system
✔ Strengthening of the body
✔ Strong antiviral effect
✔ Antioxidant effect – very high content of superoxide dismutase (SOD)



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Everything you need to know about Organic Chaga capsules (60pc)!

From the beginning of mankind, mushrooms have been used for various purposes. They were also collected and consumed for their medicinal uses. Especially in traditional Chinese medicine there are many examples of the use of mushrooms. It was not very common in Western medicine until a few years ago, but even here more and more positive sounds are beginning to be heard about the uses of mushrooms. It is estimated that there are 140,000 different species of mushrooms in the world, only 15,000 species are known to exist and only 800 species are known to have medicinal properties.

Each mushroom contains the same types of active substances but the proportions are specific to each species. In the (most commonly used) medicinal mushrooms, the active substances are so concentrated that they each serve their own purpose.

Chaga is one of the most commonly used mushrooms for medicinal purposes. It is also a mushroom that does not look traditional with a stick and a cup. This mushroom grows only on the Birch tree and looks like a black protrusion from the tree. In the Siberia of old, the Chaga mushroom was used as an alternative to coffee which was too expensive to import at the time. Chaga loves cold temperatures so it was abundant there.

In addition, the Chaga has strong antiviral properties. This makes Chaga perfect for the cold months or during flu season, for extra resistance.

Chaga full spectrum biomass of 100%
fruiting body, concentrated extract (10:1)
Contains a minimum of 30% polysaccharides
Hot water extraction
Grows in northeastern China against birch trees