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(Anadenanthera colubrina)
At least 14 tribes have been documented to use Anadenanthera colubrina, also called cebil or villca, for shamanistic, healing purposes. Various influential people and places in Peru and Argentina are named directly after the tree. The seeds are also used as an additive in ‘chicha’, a hallucinogenic, fermented beer-like beverage used for rituals and ceremonies.

Contains: 10 grams of seeds

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They look very similar to seeds from the yopo tree, or A. peregrina, nevertheless they bear a different kind of psychoactivity. A. colubrina seeds are sometimes pulvered and snorted aswell, whereas yopo is primarily snorted.
According to C. Raetsch, the effects are psychedelic, involving primarily black and white visualizations, reminiscent of the art of Tiahuanaco, Bolivia. When taken as a snuff, the effects last around 20 minutes, whereas an incense preparation is effective for 30 minutes, with a mild one hour tail. Part of the effect is a sensation of heavy body load, 10 minutes after which the hallucinations begin.
Because the body feels so heavy, beginners are strongly advised to start with a dose of approximately 200 to 500 mg of the seeds. A strong, visionary dose should be around 1 gram. You can roast the seeds in a pan, for the purpose of drying, until they are dry enough to grind them into a fine powder. Trying to grind the seeds when they are not dry enough will result in a clumsy, sticky paste. Once powdered, A. colubrina is ready for nasal administration, which is apparently very painful for many users.
For oral ingestion, doses of 2 to 3 seeds are common, although some people go up to 6 seeds. First time users should start with just one seed. You can ingest the powder with some liquid, or you can first boil the whole seeds and eat them. Very precise descriptions of the preparation are not known yet.
The seeds of A. colubrina contain tryptamines, primarily 5-HO-DMT (= bufotenine). In one report, the tryptamine content has been found to be between 4% and 12% bufotenine (C. Raetsch 2005).
This is one of the more experimental herbs available. In addition, many users report uncomfortable side effects. If you are not very experienced with shamanic snuffs and related psychoactives, you should start with a low dose.

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