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Borneo Red Kratom

Borneo Red Kratom

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Borneo Red is known to produce more effects of the relaxing as the stimulating spectrum of Kratom. The pleasant effect can last up to 6 hours, and brings users into a natural, relaxed state. Borneo Red is very suitable for pain management, but it is also ideal for hyperenergetic and anxious people, people who experience chronic stress and those who have difficulty relaxing. In higher doses this strain will make the user very drowsy.

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Kratom contains a large amount of alkaloids, of which mitragynine is found in the highest concentrations and is probably responsible for its effect.
Typical of Kratom is its double effect, which stimulates and relaxes at the same time.
As a traditional medicine, Kratom is used for anxiety, coughing, depression, diabetes, diarrhoea, high blood pressure, pain, to improve sexual performance and to reduce the withdrawal symptoms of opiates.

The special characteristic of kratom is that it almost always has a stimulating effect in low doses, while in higher doses it almost always has a sedative effect. This is probably because there are several substances in the plant that are both stimulating and calming. Depending on the quantity, one effect will predominate.
At a low dosage, the effects are as follows:
You are more alert, more physical energy (also in the sexual field), the mood improves, more motivation, longer stamina (for example in boring, monotonous physical work), you feel more social. The effects of kratom are different from stimulants that also work on the central nervous system such as caffeine and amphetamines.
In high doses, the effects of kratom become analgesic (both physically and mentally), and you end up in a dreamy, pleasant state. Maybe you will start to sweat and your pupils may be constricted.

Dissolve in tea or mix in food.

The effect of Kratom is described as chewing coca leaves while smoking opium, most people experience it as both invigorating and relaxing. Many users report more energy, better focus and more stamina. It improves mood and encourages physical activity and social contact. In higher doses, however, Kratom has a very narcotic effect and the effects tend more to a deeply relaxing, dreamy state. The effects are usually experienced after 5-10 minutes and can last for several hours, depending on the dosage and your sensitivity.

Take 1-5 grams for a tranquilizing effect and a dreamy mental state.
Use a precision scale to accurately determine your dose.

The traditional method is to chew fresh leaves or to make tea from dried leaves. The dried leaves can also be chewed or made into a tea.
Powdered kratom does not dissolve well in water and sinks to the bottom of your glass when you make tea.
A popular way to ensure that the Kratom is dissolved properly, which also improves the taste a little, is to dissolve your dose of Kratom powder in a bottle of chocolate milk and shake it vigorously.
You can also mix the powder with your food, for example with yoghurt.

Kratom can have a strong narcotic effect and influence reaction, so don’t drive motorized vehicles under the influence of Kratom and don’t participate in traffic.

Kratom is a harmless plant when used properly, but with regular use tolerance and dependence can develop. If you notice that you need Kratom more frequently, and have to take increasingly more to achieve the same effect, it is wise to insert a break in your use.

Kratom suppresses digestion, causing many to experience dry mouth, reduced appetite and constipation. With prolonged use, weight loss, insomnia and skin discoloration can occur, heavy users often develop a grayish hue, especially in the face.

Although there is virtually no information on the effects of Kratom on the development of a child, we strongly discourage its use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Do not combine Kratom with MAO-i’s.

Scientific name
Mytragina speciosa

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