Original AK-Auto

Original AK-Auto

Original AK-Auto


AK Autoflowering has a more compact size and it is easy to grow, eliminating the excessive uncontrolled growth of its sativa parents to the maximum, but maintaining its essence, production and power in much more compact branches that surprise even experts.
On the other hand, Buddha Autoflowering AK is chosen among the specimens with the highest concentrations of THC; this will make you understand why this classic continues to fill cabinets and its smoke will satisfy even to the most demanding consumers.
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Everything you need to know about Original AK-Auto!

Growers Info:
Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
Gender: Feminized
Genetics: Sativa
Cultivation time: (growth + flowering) 70 days
Production m²: 400-550g
Outside production per plant: 60-100 g
Taste: Between fruity and citrus, with an earthy base
Effect: Energetic for your gray days. It stands out for the long-lasting cerebral high, without the effect of body heaviness. It triggers good vibes. Perfect for consumption with others
Since its inception, this classic hascontinued to gain popularity from the public. To this day, it continues to add followers. The history of this classic was developed, with the clear intention to earn its place in the Olympus of cannabis legends.

This variety dates back to the 70s, when its incredible power set a benchmark into the cannabis industry; very few crosses, to this day, have managed to equal and or even less, exceed it. The name of this classic erroneously leads non-expert growers to believe that it refers to the weapon of war. When really, its origin is from one of its parents, a pure Afghan Kush.

In the 1970s it was still relatively easy to find pure strains for passionate travelers who enthusiastically collected them from remote locations all around the globe. Something that today, it is very difficult to find.

The original parents, although it is difficult to ensure 100%, are made of pure sativas from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Afghanistan. These varieties were for years crossed and tamed by expert growers so that finally, in the 90s, this classic saw the light. This incredible hybrid, with a slight sativa dominance, already adapted to indoor and outdoor crops, continues to fascinate any grower.

This variety has played a transcendental role in cannabis breeding, starring, for many years in a large part of the crosses of new generations. And no wonder: it has achieved, alone, more than twenty titles in highly recognized cannabis cups.

Our selection comes from ancient cuttings kept for over 20 years that still maintain incredible vigor. Buddha Autoflowering AK, it cannot be otherwise, has been developed by our breeders to make it even more resistant and easy to grow.